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AGAPASS was founded in 2016 by Dou & Xuezheng, with their faith and devotion for Jesus Christ, they were moved by God and launched this ministry, to pass and spread the love of GOD(Agape).

# Dou Li & Xuezheng Sun

Dou come form an ordinary Chinese family, both of her parents worked in government as general officials.

She become a Christian while she was study aboard in South Korea. At the Easter Camp back in 2016, she got a vision from GOD calls her to obey and follow Jesus, to spread his gospel. After continuous prayers with her husband Xuezheng, they decided to move back to China to start their ministry.

# Vision: Unity in GOD, Love, Prayer, Truth, Staying Humble in GOD

Dou & Xuezheng had a vision to spread the gospel among the younger generations, one of the biggest challenge is to eliminate society's negative stereotype impression over Christianity. They put their work in front of GOD and asked for guidance, they asked GOD's total control over the ministry and constantly prayed for their motivations, then Agapass is able to come out with unique and neoteric designs and bring more young adults to GOD.

Learn more about Agapass and their testimony, please refer to the links below.

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